This book was originally being written for Apress. When the economy took a nose dive they cancelled my contract. I got frustrated and put the entire book online for everyone to read. The first two chapters were free and the remaining chapters required a free registration. After getting 18,000 registrations during the first year, I decided to finish the book. Yes, I'm self-publishing the book instead of using a large publisher. After working many, many months and spending a lot of money, I finished the book and got it printed. The book is being sold on Amazon.com and at NerdBooks.com. The retail price is $34.95. I hope that it benefits you and your colleagues.


I receive emails from people asking me about the self-publishing process and how it works. When I was learning about it I had the help of Citrix author Brian Madden giving me lots of advice. I felt that it's only right that I do the same for other potential self-publishers. I put together a page How-To page on self-publishing for anyone interested. To read it click here .