Info Crystal Reports .NET book

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   525 Pages
   ISBN 0-9749536-5-2

Crystal Reports .NET Programming
  • Written with VS.NET 2003
  • Create ASP.NET and WinForms reporting solutions
  • Connect with ADO.NET, OLE DB and ODBC
  • Debug common parameter problems
  • Runtime customization
  • Find and fix undocumented bugs
  Part I is for people new to Crystal Reports .NET. It teaches you how to design reports using the Visual Studio IDE. You start out by walking through the steps of adding reports to a project and using the wizards to build the first draft. Then you are shown how to do advanced report design with grouping/sorting, adding charts, and making crosstab reports.

Part II is for code junkies and everyone who isn't satisfied with the other Crystal Reports books that just show a bunch of screen shots. This teaches you the details of how the Crystal Reports object model works and how the different collections and classes work together. The best part is that you see how to perform complex runtime customization. You go from designing reports to writing professional reporting solutions. If you learn best by reading code samples, these chapters are a goldmine.  

Table of Contents

Part I - Designing Reports
  1) Introduction
  2) Creating Reports
  3) Integrating Reports
  4) Sorting and Grouping
  5) Using Parameters
  6) Customizing Reports
  7) Using the Formula Editor
  8) Learning Basic Syntax
  9) Using Built-In Functions
10) Charting Data
11) Creating Cross-Tab Reports
12) Integrating Sub-Reports
13) Connecting to Databases
Part II - Programming Reports
14) Learning the Report Object Models
15) Runtime Customization
16) Modifying Parameters/Formulas
17) Dynamic Data Sources
18) Report Web Services
19) Exporting and Deploying Reports
20) Upgrading to the RDC and RAS
21) Comprehensive Examples
Apdx A) Crystal Syntax Reference
Apdx B) Report Object Diagrams
Apdx C) Online Resources